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My story....

Why did I become a travel advisor?  I love to travel.  I love the research and discovering what new adventures are out there waiting to be experienced.   New places and people to meet and see.  I met my husband on a cruise.  A first cruise for both of us.  We have traveled ever since.

When our son was born, the next adventure was seeing the world through his eyes.  As he got older, I wanted him to love travel also.  Not just to go to the beach, but to learn the history of our country and the world.  To experience the world and enjoy the new cultures and experiences and the roller coasters. 

Travel is not just to go from one destination to another and to never leave the airport or boardroom.  Travel is to experience what lies in between the destinations.  What you feel, what you smell, who you meet and what you see.  Travel opens the senses. 

So, where do you want to experience?  What senses do you want to open?

All About Me


Travel memories stay with us.  A smell, a sound and you are taken back to that memory.  That is what travel is.  Creating memories with your family, friends or on your own.

The first cruise we went on as a family, my son and I built a teddy bear together.  Yes, you can do that in your mall, but when I see that bear, it brings back the memory of building that bear and the waterslide races between he and his cousin onboard the ship, and to the first time he swam in the Caribbean.  

Helping others to plan the vacations and create the memories is why I love being a travel advisor and have done so for the past 10 plus years. I enjoy every stage of the planning process and love getting to know my clients, and as I get to know them, it helps me to bring them closer to creating those wonderful memories.  

Life is a journey and shouldn't you have wonderful memories of that journey?

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